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  1. Growing up for me wasn't easy. I had to deal with being in situations where I had no where to go , I almost went into foster care as a child. I cried bad because I wanted my parents and they weren't together .My grandmother raised me. Then at 14 after my mom passed away . Living with my grandmother I helped out with home bills and worked a summer job at 16 . She struggled all the way alone with me . Until one day we lost it all. That day was the most horrific day for me . I went from sleeping in hotels to friends home and still I wasn't satisfied . I wanted my own . I was taught to stand on your own two feet . So If it was not for a power over me during that time I wouldn't have been here today. So many things I could had gotten into but there is something that was holding me and still keeping me now to this day. Jesus ! And for that I can't quit and won't ever! So to whom ever it concerns keep going it gets rough but you got what it takes .You are strong and better each day! the Lord has you keep going!

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